Present History

The Las Vegas Stars is within itself as one of the foremost beneficiaries and established industry players in this fast-growing industry, both in the NBA and the United States. The LV Stars engagement strategy is to promote programs and events to entertainment and richly reward our fans and well-wishers. We are also dedicated to giving back to The City of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson communities where the stars on The Las Vegas Rosters arose from.. We deliver impact and change through collaborations with community partners, public agencies and sports professionals throughout the city.

Sports play is a very important role in the development of our youth. Kids who play youth sports have a higher self-esteem, stronger connections with their school, better peer relationships and fewer behavioral problems. The discipline and training needed to participate in sports helps to develop successful adults. Athletes learn the importance of teamwork and of following leadership.

The Las Vegas Stars believe that sports and physical fitness participation enhances a child’s emotional, social and educational well-being that can last into adulthood. Our goal is to make sports and fitness recreation a fundamental part of children’s lives as we make a sports entertainment regimen for visitors and residents of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas. We not only aim to expand the Las Vegas Stars into a NBA franchise team but we also intend to make Las Vegas known for its rich basketball culture among other things. Over the last decade, physical fitness, sports and art participation for young people has decreased, while others are locked out due to a lack of resources or access to community programs. This results in health and other needs going unmet.

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