Key Values

1. To provide an acceptable outlet for youthful energy.

2. To increase participation in youth sports and recreational programs.

3. To increase the access of Las Vegas dwellers and tourists/visitors to quality sports to quality sports entertainment and culture.

4. To provide accepted outlets for youth expression via basketball.

5. To provide mentor guidance to increased confidence and self-esteem.

6. To raise adequate funding for the expansion and contractual franchise agreement.

7. Begin development implementation for the ongoing funding needs of years two through five, post franchise.

8. To provide adequate training, mentoring and recompense to our club staff to create job satisfaction.

9. To create a service-based sports entertainment company that exceeds fans expectations.

10. To increase our coverage and the number of fans by at least 100% per year through superior entertainment and an aggressive marketing approach.

11. Become an established community and destination by the end of the first year.

12. Implement an effective marketing strategy to educate the community on what the Las Vegas Stars has to offer.

13. Become the go to platform for everything quality basketball fixtures and sports entertainment.