Core Values

The Las Vegas Stars is guided with the following principles, which will place us at the highest and most decorated pedestal in the sports entertainment industry. These principles do not only apply to only the club; they apply to all life situations. At The Las Vegas Stars, these principles apply to general management such that we are always innovative, thus offering services that set the pace for every basketball club.

1. Priority: We will treat all our players with dignity and utmost respect. We believe that when people have a feeling of being treated fairly and respected, they feel honored and inspired to shoot for The Stars and excel tremendously in the set task.

2. Trust: Our services will build the trust of our stakeholders in us and vice versa, such that they develop absolute confidence in the management, strategic allies, players and other members of the team, we will ensure that we are known and trusted to do our best to keep the Las Vegas culture alive and deliver top-notch sports entertainment at all times.

3. Improvement: We will ensure a regular core safety audit, we also pledge ourselves to the entire team to promote tactics and practices that will earn us an impeccable image.

4. Honesty: Honesty is the rock on which every member of the team and management builds our effort. In all our dealings with one another, we will be seen to put honestly in the forefront.

5. Community, Pleasure and Passion for the Industry: We will do our very best to impact the community that we do business in knowing that we will stand the test of time if the community approves and supports our center.

6. A Highly-Trained and Experienced Team of Professionals: Our management team will be built around highly trained and experienced basketball coaches, nutrition specialists et al to ensure that we take absolute care of our participants and give them the overall best in the industry.

7. ONE Partner Policy: We respect our players and strategic partners (Investors, Stakeholders and Fans), place them in high esteem regardless of what each partner is bringing to the table and we are ready and willing to contribute to the growth of each of our strategic partners.